My selection of best Chrome extensions


The web browsers are no longer strictly used to browse web pages. They are today competing to offer us the best tool to extract knowledge from the web pages, to make the browsing an amusing experience, and to enable us to personalize our own browsing environment. Although, I bet a lot of us are not aware of what these browsers are capable of doing.

I’ve been a Computer Science student for almost seven years now. I pass almost all my time in front of the computer. In addition to getting a neck pain, I got the chance to try out several web browsers and a ton of their extensions. In this post, I’ll take you through my best Google Chrome extensions.

I’ve been installing for each purpose all the top available rated/downloaded extensions, then deleting all of them except the best one, according to my needs and flavor. I gather this experience in one plate and share it happily with you, enjoy!


  • The list below is presented without a preference order.
  • All the extensions are free, or at least for the presented features.
  • It is not intended by any means to promote any brand over another.
  • It is not meant to recommend Chrome over other browsers.

I categorize the extensions in three families (1) General-purpose extensions, (2) Research extensions (3) and Development extensions.

I. General-purpose extensions

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