Drupal: show only upcoming events (Calendar module)

These steps allow you to hide past events and show only the upcoming events (if you don’t have the Calendar module yet, here’s an excellent video that gets you started) :

  • Go to the Events view.
  • In FILTER CRITERIA, click on “Add”.
  • Search for the event end-date e.g. “Content: Event date – start date .(field_date)”, and apply.
  • In “Configure extra settings for filter criterion…”, click on “Cancel”
  • Select the event’s end date (something like: Event date – end date), and apply.
  • In “Configure filter criterion…” window
    • Under Operator “Is equal to”.
    • Change “Select a date” option to to “Enter a relative date”
    • Under Relative date, write “now” (also read the note under the textbox for more options), and apply.