Drupal: merge two pages inside a view

These quick steps show how to merge two pages inside a view, one on the top and one on the bottom:

  • Create a view.
  • Create two pages inside the view.
  • Within each page there is an option to put something in the header and something in the footer.
  • Select the page that you want to be on top and click “add” in Footer.
  • Select “Global: View area”.
  • Select “This page (override) near to “For”, and apply (to apply the changes only on the current page).
  • Select the page you created in “View to insert”, and apply.

Extra: The page will be put as-is under the first page but the title of the second page won’t appear. If you want to put a text on top of the second page, do exactly as before to the second page but instead of “Global: View area” select “Global: Text area”.

This can be a workaround for those searching for how to merge views.



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